DATE: June 26-July 4, 2020

COST: $375*

* The trip cost will be covered by monies raised at the SERVE Fundraiser on Sunday, May 3 and will be split evenly among the participants. If the fundraiser goal is not fully met, participants will be responsible for raising the remaining portion of their trip cost.



Sioux Center is a small college town in the northwest corner of Iowa with about 7,500 residents. First Reformed Church has been in Sioux Center since 1877, just 26 years after the town was founded. Currently, First Reformed Church has over 1,500 members, with a vision to enfold and embrace every resident of Sioux Center and the larger Sioux County area. Our heart is for the unchurched and those far from God, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make Christ known. Our hope through hosting SERVE is that the participants can help us build a bridge to the hard-to-reach areas in our community.



Sioux Center is a community made richer by our immigrant neighbors from various countries in Central America. One of your main focuses this week will be on serving our immigrant neighbors in various capacities. You will also be serving alongside our second campus, in a town a half an hour away, helping them with outreach activities to invite the unchurched into their doors. Finally you’ll be working alongside some of the many non-profits in our community to provide services to those in our area who need a little extra help.

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You will be sleeping in the church building, which has A/C throughout the building. You will shower at local schools each day after your work site. The church is equipped with a large gym, recently renovated sanctuary, and many other amenities to make your stay with us comfortable. Our day away will be spent at the Omaha Zoo.

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